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Скачать музыка Сборник - Дискотека 80-х Лучшее MP3 - ТОРРЕНТИНО - торрент трекер

Название: Дискотека 80-х. Лучшее [1530 песен]

Исполнитель: VA

Год: 2012

Жанр: Disco


Формат/Кодек: MP3

Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps

Треклист 1-100

001.50 and 50 Brothers - Red Man

002.93rd Superbowl - Forever And One Day

003.A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)

004.A La Carte - Do Wah Diddy Diddy

005.A La Carte - Doctor,Doctor Help Me Please

006.A La Carte - Ring Me,Honey

007.Abba - Chiquitita

008.Abba - Dancing Queen

009.Abba - Does Your Mother Know

010.Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

011.Abba - Happy New Year

012.Abba - Honey, Honey

013.Abba - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

014.Abba - I've Been Waiting for You

015.Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing You

016.Abba - Lay All Your Love On Me

017.Abba - Mamma Mia

018.Abba - Money, Money, Money

019.Abba - On And On And On

020.Abba - Ring Ring

021.Abba - SOS

022.Abba - Summer Night City

023.Abba - Super Trouper

024.Abba - Take A Chance On Me

025.Abba - Voulez-Vous

026.Abba - Waterloo

027.Adriano Celentano - Amore no

028.Adriano Celentano - Azzuro

029.Adriano Celentano - Confessa

030.Adriano Celentano - Il Tempo Se Ne Va

031.Adriano Celentano - Pay Pay Pay

032.Adriano Celentano - Personalitá

033.Adriano Celentano - Soli

034.Adriano Celentano - Stivali E Colbacco

035.Adriano Celentano - Suzanna

036.Adriano Celentano - Uh... Uh

037.Advahce - Take Me To The Top

038.Afric Simone - Hafanana

039.Afric Simone - To Do Pasara Maria

040.Ago - I Want You

041.A-Ha - Take On Me

042.Aki - Tokios

043.Alan Barry - Dancewithme

044.Alan Ross - The Last Wall

045.Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour

046.Albert One - For Your Love

047.Albert One - Turbo Diesel

048.Albert One - Hopes & Dreams

049.Albert West - Tears

050.Alberto D'Arco - Dai Dai Dai (Dolce Vita)

051.Aleph - Bad Power

052.Aleph - Big Brother

053.Aleph - Black Out

054.Aleph - Fire Of The Moon

055.Aleph - Fly To Me

056.Aleph - Just For Love

057.Alex Chroma Band - A New Day

058.Alexis - First Night Of Love

059.Alice's Wonderland - Stop The Rain

060.Alphatown - Power Of Magic

061.Alphaville - Big In Japan

062.Alphaville - Dance With Me

063.Alphaville - Jerusalem

064.Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody

065.Alphaville - Wishful Thinking

066.Alphonse Mouzon's Electric Band - Baby Come Back

067.Alphonse Mouzon's Electric Band - Everybody Get Down

068.Amadeus Liszt - Win The Race

069.Amanda Lear - Blood And Honey

070.Amanda Lear - Chinese Walk

071.Amanda Lear - Give A Bit Of Hmm To Me

072.Amanda Lear - I'm Coming Up

073.Amanda Lear - Queen Of Chinatown

074.Amanda Scott - Lies

075.Amii Stewart - Break These Chains

076.Amii Stewart - Jealousy

077.Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood

078.Amii Stewart - Light My Fire

079.Amii Stewart - The Letter

080.Andrea Di Lazzaro - Never Leave Me

081.Aneka - Japanese Boy

082.Angelo Maria Morales - Pretty Babe

083.Angie - Toy Boy

084.Angie Care - Your Mind

085.Angie Dylan - In The Dark

086.Anita Ward - Cover Me

087.Anita Ward - Don't Drop My Love

088.Anita Ward - I'm Ready for Love

089.Anita Ward - Ring My Bell

090.Annie Anner - Midnight Train

091.Annie Anner - Night In The City

092.Anoushka Renzi - Robot Love

093.Anthony's Games - Sunshine Love

094.Arabesque - A New Sensation

095.Arabesque - Billy's Barbeque

096.Arabesque - Caballero

097.Arabesque - Catch Me Tiger

098.Arabesque - Dance Dance Dance

099.Arabesque - Dreamin

100.Arabesque - Friday Night

Треклист 101-200

101.Arabesque - Heart On Fire

102.Arabesque - Hello Mr. Monkey

103.Arabesque - Hit The Jackpot

104.Arabesque - In For A Penny, In For A Pound

105.Arabesque - In The Heat Of ADisco Night

106.Arabesque - Lucifer's Lover

107.Arabesque - Midnight Dancer

108.Arabesque - Once In A Blue Moon

109.Arabesque - Rock Me After Midnight

110.Arabesque - Someone Is Waiting For You

111.Arabesque - Stop Crying For The Moon

112.Arabesque - The Smile Of A Clown

113.Arabesque - Time To Say Good Bye

114.Arabesque - Tropical Summernight

115.Arabesque - Why No Reply

116.Arabesque - Zanzibar

117.Argentina - Baby, Don't You Break (My Heart)

118.Argentina - Let's All Dance

119.Art Affair - Workaholic

120.Art Of Emotion - A Day A Day

121.Art Of Love - Looking Through The Night

122.Ashford And Simpson - Found A Cure

123.Ashford And Simpson - It Seems To Hang

124.Astaire - Love Trap

125.Atrium - Hey Tonight

126.Atrium - Week-End

127.Avenue - Imagination

128.Axordy - You

129.B.B. & Q.band - On The Beat

130.Baby's Gang - America

131.Baby's Gang - Challenger

132.Baby's Gang - My Little Japanese Boy

133.Baby's Gang & Denise -Disco Maniac

134.Baccara - Cara Mia

135.Baccara - Granada

136.Baccara - Koochie-Koo

137.Baccara - Last Night

138.Baccara - Somewhere In Paradise

139.Baccara - Sorry, I'm A Lady

140.Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

141.Bad Boys Blue - A Train To Nowhere

142.Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You

143.Bad Boys Blue - Bad Reputation

144.Bad Boys Blue - Blue Moon

145.Bad Boys Blue - Cold As Ice

146.Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay

147.Bad Boys Blue - Dance The Night Away

148.Bad Boys Blue - Do What You Do

149.Bad Boys Blue - Don't Walk Away Suzanne

150.Bad Boys Blue - Fly Away

151.Bad Boys Blue - For Your Love

152.Bad Boys Blue - Gimme Gimme Your Lovin

153.Bad Boys Blue - Have You Ever Had A Love Like This

154.Bad Boys Blue - Hot Girls - Bad Boys

155.Bad Boys Blue - How I Need You

156.Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love

157.Bad Boys Blue - I Totally Miss You

158.Bad Boys Blue - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat

159.Bad Boys Blue - I'll Be Good

160.Bad Boys Blue - Kiss You All Over, Baby

161.Bad Boys Blue - Kisses & Tears (My One And Only)

162.Bad Boys Blue - L.O.V.E. In My Car

163.Bad Boys Blue - Lady Blue

164.Bad Boys Blue - Lady In Black

165.Bad Boys Blue - Lonely Weekend

166.Bad Boys Blue - Love Is No Crime

167.Bad Boys Blue - Love Me Or Leave Me

168.Bad Boys Blue - Mon Amie

169.Bad Boys Blue - People Of The Night

170.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl

171.Bad Boys Blue - Rhythm Of The Night

172.Bad Boys Blue - You Are Woman

173.Baltimora - Chinese Restaurant

174.Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

175.Bam Boo - Foreign East Love

176.Bananarama - Cruel Summer

177.Bananarama - I Cant Help It

178.Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour

179.Bananarama - I Want You Back

180.Bananarama - Love In The First Degree

181.Bananarama - Move In My Direction

182.Bananarama - Venus

183.Banda Aca - Yesahel

184.Bardeux - Magic Carpet Ride

185.Barry White - Let The Music Play

186.Barry White - You See The Trouble With Me

187.Barry White - You're The First, The Last, My Everything

188.Bazooka - Alive

189.Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream

190.Beatiful Bend - Boogie Motion

191.Beau Sexon - Don't Tell Me No Lies

192.Bee Gees - More Than A Woman

193.Bee Gees - Night Fever

194.Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

195.Bee Gees - Tragedy

196.Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing

197.Belle Epoque - Bamalama

198.Belle Epoque - Black Is Black

199.Belle Epoque - Hamalama

200.Belle Epoque - Miss Broadwayх

Треклист 201-300

201.Bernie Paul - Attenzione Go Go Radio

202.Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top

203.Billie Ocean - American Hearts

204.Billie Ocean - Are You Ready

205.Billie Ocean - I Can't Stop

206.Billie Ocean - Stay The Night

207.Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen

208.Billy Ocean - Loverboy

209.Bionic Boogie - Risky Changes

210.Bisquit - Zoo zoo

211.Bizzy & Co. - Take A Chance

212.Black Denim - Everybody Dance

213.Black Denim - You Are The One

214.Blondie - Heard Of Glass

215.Blondie - Ring My Bell

216.Blue System - 48 Hours

217.Blue System - Better Than The Rest

218.Blue System - Body Heat

219.Blue System - Call Me Dr.Love (A New Dimension)

220.Blue System - Deja Vu

221.Blue System - Dirty Money

222.Blue System - Everything I Own

223.Blue System - G.T.O.

224.Blue System - Gangster Love

225.Blue System - History

226.Blue System - If I Will Rule The World

227.Blue System - Is It A Shame

228.Blue System - Just Say No

229.Blue System - Laila

230.Blue System - Love Me On The Rocks

231.Blue System - Love Suite

232.Blue System - Lovers In A Missing World

233.Blue System - Lucifer

234.Blue System - Magic Symphony

235.Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big

236.Blue System - Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do)

237.Blue System - Operator

238.Blue System - Praying To The Aliens

239.Blue System - Romeo & Juliet

240.Blue System - She's A Lady

241.Blue System - Sister Cool

242.Blue System - Sorry Little Sarah

243.Blue System - That's Love

244.Blue System - This Old Town

245.Blue System - Under My Skin

246.Blue System - When Bogart Talks To You

247.Blue System - You Are An Angel

248.Bo' Bellow - Knockin' (Vocal)

249.Bobby 'O' Orlando - Give It Up

250.Bobby 'O' Orlando - How To pick Up Girl

251.Bobby 'O' Orlando - I'll Never Find Another Girl Like You

252.Bobby 'O' Orlando - I'm So Hot For You

253.Bobby 'O' Orlando - Lonely Too Long

254.Bobby 'O' Orlando - Whisper To A Scream

255.Body Heat - Don't Want You Kisses

256.Bolero - I Wish

257.Boney M - Bahama Mama

258.Boney M - Belfast

259.Boney M - Brown Girl In The Ring

260.Boney M - Bye Bye Bluebird

261.Boney M - Daddy Cool

262.Boney M - Exodus

263.Boney M - Felicidad

264.Boney M - Gadda-Da-Vida

265.Boney M - Gotta Go Home

266.Boney M - Happy Song

267.Boney M - Hold On I`m Coming

268.Boney M - I See A Boat On The River

269.Boney M - Josephine Baker Black

270.Boney M - Kalimba De Luna

271.Boney M - Let It All Be Music

272.Boney M - Love For Sale

273.Boney M - Ma Baker

274.Boney M - Mother & Child Reunion

275.Boney M - No Woman No Cry

276.Boney M - Oceans Of Fantasy

277.Boney M - Painter Man

278.Boney M - Rasputin

279.Boney M - Ribbons Of Blue

280.Boney M - Rivers Of Babylon

281.Boney M - Silly Confusion

282.Boney M - Sunny

283.Boney M - Young Free And Single

284.Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero

285.Bonnie Tyler - If You Were A Woman

286.Boys Next Door - I Will Follow You

287.Boys Next Door - Jenny

288.Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night

289.Boys Next Door - Louisa

290.Boys Next Door - Stop Watch Killer

291.Boytronic - Don't Let Me Down

292.Boytronic - Forever

293.Boytronic - Hurts

294.Boytronic - Killing Fields

295.Boytronic - Luna Square

296.Boytronic - Never Ever

297.Boytronic - Tonight

298.Brand Image - Love In The Summer Night

299.Brand Image - Movin' Up

300.Brando - Rainy Day

Треклист 301-400

301.Breack Machine - Street Dance

302.Brian Ice - It's A Life

303.Brian Ice - Nothing

304.Brian Ice - Talking To The Night

305.Brian Martin - Sex Tonight

306.Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

307.Brothers Return - Jericho

308.Buckingham Palace - Give Me Your Name

309.C.C.Catch - Are You Man Enough

310.C.C.Catch - Backseat Of Your Cadillac

311.C.C.Catch - Cause You Are Young

312.C.C.Catch - Dancing In Shadows

313.C.C.Catch - Don`t Be A Hero

314.C.C.Catch - Don`t Wait Too Long

315.C.C.Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Moves

316.C.C.Catch - Heartbeat City

317.C.C.Catch - Heartbreak Hotel

318.C.C.Catch - Heaven And Hell

319.C.C.Catch - Hollywood Nights

320.C.C.Catch - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight

321.C.C.Catch - Jump In My Car

322.C.C.Catch - Like A Hurricane

323.C.C.Catch - Midnight Gambler

324.C.C.Catch - One Nights Not Enough

325.C.C.Catch - Soul Survivor

326.C.C.Catch - Stay

327.C.C.Catch - Stop - Draggin My Heart Around

328.C.C.Catch - Strangers By Night

329.C.C.Catch - You Can Be My Lucky Star

330.C.C.Catch - You Can`t Run Away From It

331.C.C.Catch - You Shot A Hole In My Soul

332.Caeser - My Black Lady

333.Cafe Society - Relight My Fire

334.Camaro's Gang - Fuerza Major

335.Caravan - You And Me Tonight

336.Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting

337.Carrarra - S.O.S. Bandido

338.Cay Hume - Angel Of The Dreamland

339.Cay Hume - Call Me Up

340.Celeste - Hey Boy

341.Cerrone - Give Me Love

342.Cerrone - Supernature

343.Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman

344.Charade feat. Norma Lewis - Break Me

345.Charade - Got To Get To You

346.Charlie G - Llama L'amor

347.Charly Danone - Ed Io Ti Trovero

348.Check Up Twins - Sexy Teacher

349.Cherook - Licanthrope

350.Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

351.Cheryl Lynn - Shake It Up Tonight

352.Chic - Chic Mystique

353.Chic - City Lights

354.Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah...)

355.Chic - Everybody Dance

356.Chic - Good Times

357.Chic - I Want Your Love

358.Chic - Le Freak

359.Chic - My Feet Keep Dancing

360.Chic - My Forbidden Lover

361.Chic - Rebels We Are

362.Chic - Soup For One

363.Chicass - Manana

364.Chilly - Better Stop

365.Chilly - Come To L.A.

366.Chilly - Doll Queen

367.Chilly - For Your Love And For

368.Chilly - Play Me A Classic Symphony

369.Chilly - Runaround

370.Chilly - Sacrifice

371.Chilly - Simple A Love Song

372.Chilly - Sunshine Of Your Love

373.Chilly - The Race

374.Chilly - We Are The Popkings

375.Chris - 2 by 2

376.Chris - Crazy Cat

377.Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City

378.Chris Norman - Hunters Of The Night

379.Chriss - Down Town Beat

380.Chriss - Sweets For My Sweet

381.Chriss - Tell Me 'Baut The Party

382.Cissy Houston - Warning - Danger

383.Clad - Song Of Arabia

384.Claude Francois - Laisse Une Chance A Notre Amour

385.Claude Francois - Magnolias For Ever

386.Claudia Barry - Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes

387.Claudia T - Watch Me

388.Click - Alto Y Peligroso

389.Click - Americano

390.Click - Distinto A Todos

391.Click - Duri Duri Baila Baila

392.Click - Que Te Pasa

393.Cliff Turner - I Need Your Love

394.Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair

395.Cliff Wedge - Only One Day

396.Clio - Faces

397.Club House - Do It Again

398.Communards - Cold the Night

399.Convoy - I Will Love You

400.Cosmic Gal - Keep On Moving

Треклист 401-500

401.Cosmic Gal - Please Mr. Postman

402.Cosmic Gal - Rock'n'roll Dancing Night

403.Cosmic Gal - Sergeant Pepper

404.Cosmic Gal - Space Fever

405.Cosmic Gal - Vacation

406.Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night

407.Cox - China

408.Creative Connection - Dont You Go Away

409.Creative Connection - Scratch My Name

410.Curacao - Curacao

411.Curacao - I've Had Enough

412.Curacao - Smile

413.Curacao - Yiasou

414.Curacao - You

415.D. Connection - Easy To Say

416.D.D.Sound - 1 2 3 4 Gimme Some More

417.D.D.Sound - Burning Love

418.D.D.Sound - She's Not ADisco Lady

419.D.D.Sound - Show Me Your Love

420.D.D.Sound - Wake Up In The Night

421.D.F. & Pam - On The Beat

422.Dalida - Gigi In Paradisco

423.Dan Hartman - Instant Replay

424.Dan Hartman - We Are The Young

425.Dana - Be My Lover

426.Dance Reaction -Disco Train

427.Danny Keith - Keep On Music

428.Danny Owens - Hot Nights In Ibiza

429.Danuta - Touch My Heart

430.Dario Dell Aere - Eagles In The Night

431.Dave Merlin - Electric Night's

432.David Christie - Don't Stop Me Like It

433.David Christie - Heart Beat To Heart Beat

434.David Christie - Living It Up

435.David Christie - Our Time Has Come

436.David Christie - Saddle Up

437.David Christie - Stress

438.David Lang - Tomboy

439.David Lyme - Bambina

440.David Lyme - Bye Bye Mi Amor

441.Davy James - Dream Baby

442.Day Dream - Crazy

443.De Blanc - Mon Amour

444.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round

445.Deborah Kinley - All For You

446.Deborah Kinley - Surprise

447.Deborah Sasson - Passsion and Pain

448.Debut De Soiree - Entre Soleil Et Pluie

449.Debut De Soiree - La Vie La Nuit

450.Debut De Soiree - Nuit De Folie

451.Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover

452.Dee D. Jackson - Galaxy Of Love

453.Dee D. Jackson - Meteor Man

454.Dee D. Jackson - Red Flight

455.Dee D. Jackson - Sos (Love The Rescue)

456.Del Faro - Bandiera La Playa Del Sol

457.Den Harrow - Bad Boy

458.Den Harrow - Catch the Fox

459.Den Harrow - Charleston

460.Den Harrow - Dangerous

461.Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart

462.Den Harrow - Energy Rain

463.Den Harrow - Feedback

464.Den Harrow - Future Brain

465.Den Harrow - Holiday Night

466.Den Harrow - Mad Desire

467.Den Harrow - Make Ends Meet

468.Den Harrow - Overpover

469.Den Harrow - Take Me

470.Den Harrow - Tell Me Why

471.Den Ryder - Its Hard To Say Goodbye

472.Depeche Mode - Photographic

473.Desireless - John

474.Desireless - Qui Sommes Nous

475.Desireless - Voyage Voyage

476.Destination - Move On Up Suite

477.Dharma - Plastic Doll

478.Diego - Walk In The Night

479.Digital Emotion - Dance To The Music

480.Digital Emotion - Down Get Down

481.Digital Emotion - Get Up

482.Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen

483.Digital Emotion - Outside In The Dark

484.Divine - I'm So Beautiful

485.Divine - You Think You're A Man

486.DJ Factory - A View To Kill

487.DJ's Project - Vision Of Love

488.Donna Summer - Bad Girls

489.Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

490.Donna Summer - I Feel Love

491.Doris D. & the Pins - Shine Up

492.Dschinghis Khan - Aladin

493.Dschinghis Khan - China Boy

494.Dschinghis Khan - Dshinghis Khan

495.Dschinghis Khan - Handschi Halef Omar

496.Dschinghis Khan - Machu Picchu

497.Dschinghis Khan - Moskau

498.Dschinghis Khan - Pass Auf, Der Drache kommt

499.Dschinghis Khan - Puszta

500.Dschinghis Khan - Rocking Son

Треклист 501-600

501.Dschinghis Khan - Samurai

502.D-Train - You're The One For Me

503.Duke Lake - Dance Tonight

504.Duke Lake - Do You

505.Duke Lake - Satisfaction Love Passion

506.Dust Man - King Of The Gretto

507.Dyva - Clap Again

508.Dyva - Stay With Me Tonight

509.Earlene Bentley - The Boys Come To Town

510.Earth Wind And Fire - Boogie Wonderland

511.Earth Wind And Fire - September

512.Eartha Kitt - This is My Life

513.Eddy Huntington - Bang Bang Baby

514.Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia

515.Eddy Huntington - May Day

516.Eddy Huntington - Physical Attraction

517.Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R.

518.Eddy Huntington - Up And Down

519.Eighth Wonder - Im Not Scared

520.Electra - Cuando Cuando

521.Elvin - You Set My Heart On Fire

522.Erasure - Lay All Your Love On Me

523.Erasure - Sometimes

524.Eruption - Be Yourself

525.Eruption - Computer Love

526.Eruption - Fight Fight Fight

527.Eruption - Go Johnnie Go

528.Eruption - Hold On I`m Coming

529.Eruption - I Can-t Stand The Rain

530.Eruption - Leave A Light

531.Eruption - One Way Ticket

532.Eruption - Sweet Side

533.Eruption - You

534.Eugene - Free Your Life

535.Eurythmics - Sweet Dreamd

536.Evelyn Thomas - High Energy

537.Extra Large - Lose My Time

538.F.R.David - Dream Away

539.F.R.David - Girl (You Are My Song)

540.F.R.David - I Need You

541.F.R.David - Pick Up The Phone

542.F.R.David - Take Me Back

543.F.R.David - This Time I Have To Win

544.F.R.David - Words

545.Fabian Nesti - Heigh-Ho

546.Facts & Fiction - Give Me The Night

547.Facts & Fiction - Love Game

548.Facts & Fiction - Melody D'Amour

549.Fair Control - Angel Eyes

550.Fair Control - Broken Dreams

551.Fair Control - Symphony Of Love

552.Fake - Another Brick

553.Fake - Donna Rouge

554.Fake - Frogs In Spain

555.Fake - Right

556.Falco - Der Kommissar

557.Falco - Junge Roemer

558.Fancy - After Midnight

559.Fancy - Angel Eyes

560.Fancy - Blue Eyed Lady

561.Fancy - Bodyguard

562.Fancy - Bolero

563.Fancy - China Blue

564.Fancy - Chinese Eyes

565.Fancy - Colder Than Ice

566.Fancy - Colours Of Life

567.Fancy - Come Back And Break My Heart

568.Fancy - D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life)

569.Fancy - Feedback, Feedback

570.Fancy - Flames Of Love

571.Fancy - Fools Cry

572.Fancy - Get Lost Tonight

573.Fancy - In Shock

574.Fancy - L.A.D.Y O.

575.Fancy - Lady Of Ice

576.Fancy - Latin Fire

577.Fancy - Moscow Is Calling

578.Fancy - No Way Out

579.Fancy - Reaving Queen

580.Fancy - Sail Away

581.Fancy - Slice Me Nice

582.Fancy - Spy In The Night

583.Fancy - Tonight The Devil Wins My Soul

584.Fancy - When Clowns Cry

585.Fancy - When Guardian Angels Cry

586.Fantastique - Costa Blanca

587.Fantastique - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

588.Fantastique - Mama Told Me

589.Fantastique - Maria No Mas

590.Fantastique - Your Hand In My Hand

591.Felli - Diamond In The Night

592.Fever - Beat Of The Night

593.Fever - Dreams & Desire

594.Fever - Loud

595.Fever - Love Me Tonight

596.Fever - The Fever Rock

597.Fever - Treat Me Right

598.Fever - Work Me

599.Flexx - Theme From Flexxyball

600.Flo Astaire - Monkey Monkey

Треклист 601-700

601.Fockewulf 190 - Gitano

602.France Joli - Come To Me

603.France Joli - Gonna Get Over You

604.Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla

605.Francesco Napoli - Casanova

606.Francesco Napoli - Hay Ya Yai

607.Francesco Napoli - Marina

608.Francesco Napoli - Stai Con Me

609.Francesco Napoli - Tornero

610.Frank Duval - Face To the Wind

611.Frantique -Disco Dancer

612.Frantique - Love Thang

613.Fred Ventura - Imagine

614.Fred Ventura - Late Night Train

615.Fred Ventura - The Years

616.Fred Ventura - Wind Of Change

617.Fred Ventura - You'll Never Change No More

618.Freddie Mercury - Love Kills

619.Fun Fun - Baila Bolero

620.Fun Fun - Color My Love

621.Fun Fun - Could This Be Love

622.Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love

623.Fun Fun - Happy Station

624.Fun Fun - Living In Japan

625.Fun Fun - Sing Another Song

626.Fun Gang - Just For Fun

627.Funny Twins - You And Me

628.G.G. Near - Living In A Rom

629.G.Lone - You Are A Danger

630.Ganymed - Movin On ADisco Planet

631.Gary Low - Don't Shout

632.Gary Low - I Want You

633.Gary Low - You Are A Dancer

634.Gazebo - I Like Chopin

635.Gazebo - Love In Your Eyes

636.Gazebo - Lunatic

637.Gazebo - Masterpiece

638.Gazebo - Telephone Mama

639.Gazebo - Trotsky Burger

640.George Aaron - Heaven

641.GG Near - Living In A Rom

642.Gilla - Go Down Mainstreet

643.Gilla - Help! Help!

644.Gilla - Johnny

645.Gilla - Tom Cat

646.Gilla - Tu Es

647.Gina - Let Me Free (Dance Version)

648.Gina T - I Dont Like Rainy Days

649.Gina T - Money For My Honey

650.Gina T - Sayorana

651.Gina T - Tokyo By Night

652.Gina T - You Really Got Me

653.Giorgio Moroder - American Dream

654.Giorgio Moroder - Baby Blue

655.Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity

656.Giorgio Moroder - The Chase

657.Gloria Gaynor - Can't Take My Eyes off You

658.Gloria Gaynor - First Be You Woman

659.Gloria Gaynor - Gotta Be Forever

660.Gloria Gaynor - How High The Moon

661.Gloria Gaynor - I Kinda Like Me

662.Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive

663.Gloria Gaynor - Last Night

664.Gloria Gaynor - Let Me Know (I Have A Right)

665.Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye

666.Goombay Dance Band - Marakkesh

667.Goombay Dance Band - Rain

668.Goombay Dance Band - Seven Tears

669.Goombay Dance Band - Sun Of Jamaica

670.Grant Miller - California Train

671.Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice

672.Grant Miller - I'm Alive Tonight

673.Grant Miller - Red For Love

674.Grant Miller - Sail Away

675.Grant Miller - Tracks In The Snow

676.Grant Miller - Wings Of Love

677.Green Ice - Gigolo

678.Green Olives - Live Into The Night

679.Guilermo Morchena - Signs of Time

680.Gurcan Erdem - In The Rain

681.Hally And Kongo Band - African Man

682.Hank Shostak - Don'T Tell Me

683.Happy Hour - Wie Geht's

684.Harvey Mason - Groovin' you

685.Hazell Dean - Maybe (We Should Call It A Day)

686.Hazell Dean - No Fool (For Love)

687.Hazell Dean - Searchin

688.Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love

689.Hazell Dean - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)

690.Hazell Dean - Who's Leaving Who

691.Hipnosis - Droid

692.Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice

693.Hot R.S. - Doublecross

694.Hubert Kah - So Many People

695.Hugh Bullen - Night Girl

696.Imagination - Just An Illusion

697.Ingela - Do The Motion

698.Interface - Plastic Age

699.Irene Cara - Flashdance (What A Feeling)

700.Italian Boys - Forever Lovers

Треклист 701-900

701.Ivan - Fotonovela

702.Jacksons Five - Can You Feel It

703.Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts

704.Jean & Jill - Blue Blue Eyes

705.Jessica - C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie

706.Jessica - Chinese Magic

707.Jessica - I'm Gonna Make You Want Me

708.Jessica - Like A Burning Star

709.Jessica - Little Tiger

710.Jessica - You Can Do

711.Jimmy & Susy - Come Back

712.Jimmy Mc Foy - Ziezo

713.Jimmy Sommervile - Comment Te Dire Adieu

714.Jimmy Sommervile - Smalltown Boy

715.Jimmy Sommervile - You Make Me Feel

716.Jimmy Sommerville - Dont Leave Me This Way

717.Jock Hattle - Crazy Family

718.Jock Hattle Band - To Be Or Not To Be

719.Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover

720.Joe Yellow - Love At First

721.Joe Yellow - Recollection

722.Joe Yellow - Take My Heart

723.John The Whistler - I'm In Love

724.JohnnyM5 - A Bridge to Your Heart

725.JohnnyM5 - Give Me Your Love

726.JohnnyM5 - Moscow Night

727.JohnnyM5 - The Night (For You & Me)

728.JoLo - Last Call

729.Jonathan Gable - Central Park

730.Josy - Magic

731.Joy - Countdown Of Love

732.Joy - Hello

733.Joy - I'm In Love

734.Joy - Japanese Girls

735.Joy - Night Of The Nights

736.Joy - Touch By Touch

737.Joy - Valerie

738.Joy Peters - Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight

739.Joy Peters - I'm Back To Stay

740.Joy Peters - One Night In Love

741.Joy Peters - Sign Of Love

742.Judy Cheeks - Mellow Lovin

743.Jules - I Want To

744.Jules - You And Me

745.Jules Tropicana - Come On

746.Jules Tropicana - Jane Remembers

747.Julia Claire - A Summer Romance

748.Julia Claire - Big Star

749.Julia Claire - Cat In Disquise

750.Julian - Straight To My Heart

751.Jumbo - City Girl

752.Jumbo - Dancing

753.Jumbo - Let's Dance (Dance Dance Dance)

754.Jumbo - Rio

755.Jumbo - Sexy Thing

756.Jumbo - Trinidad

757.K.B.Caps - Catch Me Now Im Falling

758.K.B.Caps - Do You Really Need Me

759.K.B.Caps - Julia

760.K.B.Caps - The Loving Kind

761.Kado - Tonight

762.Kano - I Need Love

763.Kashmir - I Want To Be

764.Katy Gray - Hold Me Tight

765.Kay Franzes - Burning Desire

766.Kay Franzes - I Can Do

767.Kay Franzes - Shadow In The Night

768.Kay Franzes - Take Me and You'll Win (Wunderbar)

769.Kay Franzes - Twilight Generation

770.Kay Morgan - Secret Lover

771.Kelly Brown - Only You Can

772.Kelly Marie - Feels Like I'm In Love

773.Kelly Marie - Get Up Get On Your Feet

774.Kelly Marie - Hot Love

775.Kelly Marie - Make Love To Me

776.Kelly Marie - New York At Night

777.Ken Laszlo - 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

778.Ken Laszlo - Black Pearl

779.Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together

780.Ken Laszlo - Everytime

781.Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man

782.Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy

783.Ken Laszlo - Mary Ann

784.Ken Laszlo - Tonight

785.Key West - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry,

786.Kim Appleby - Dont Worry

787.Kim Fields - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

788.Kim Wilde - Cambodja

789.Kim Wilde - You Came

790.Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin On

791.Kirilian Camera - Edges (Dance Version)

792.Kiss - I Was Made For Loving You

793.Klapto - Queen Of The Night

794.Klaus - My Emotion

795.Kool & The Gang - Fresh

796.Kool & The Gang - Get Down

797.Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night (Orig Mix)

798.Koto - Dragon's Legend

799.Koto - Jabdah

800.Koto - Visitors

801.Kraftwerk - Das Modell

802.Kris Tallow - Mister J

803.Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita (American Version)

804.Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky

805.Kylie Minogue - Never Too Late

806.Kylie Minogue - Turn It Into Love

807.L.T.D. - Kickin Back

808.La Bionda - Deserts Of Mars

809.La Bionda - Moonlight Palais

810.La Bionda - Sandstorm

811.La La - Johnny

812.Laban - Caught By Surprise

813.Laban - Love In Siberia

814.L'Affair - Secret Eyes

815.Laid Back - High Society Girl

816.Laid Back - One Life

817.Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae

818.Laid Back - White Man

819.Lala - Johny

820.Laserdance - Brain Mission

821.Laserdance - Cosmo Tron

822.Laserdance - Escape From The Forbidden City

823.Laserdance - Excitation

824.Laserdance - Flying Planet

825.Laserdance - Future Generation

826.Laserdance - In The Mix

827.Laserdance - Mars Invaders

828.Laserdance - Powerrun

829.Laserdance - Shat Gun

830.Laserdance - The Great Wall

831.Laserdance - Trip To Destroy

832.Laserdance - You & Me

833.Latin Lover - Cassanova Action

834.Latin Lover - Dr. Love

835.Latin Lover - Laser Light

836.Laura Branigan - Gloria

837.Laura Branigan - Satisfaction

838.Laura Branigan - Self Control

839.Lee Marrow - Mr Fantasy

840.Lee Marrow - Sayonara

841.Lee Marrow - Shanghai

842.Lee Young - Napoleon

843.Lena - Connection

844.Lena - Run To Me

845.Lenroy - Big Fun

846.Les McKeown - It' A Game

847.Les McKeown - Love Is Just A Breath Away

848.Les McKeown - Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do

849.Les McKeown - She's A Lady

850.Les Montes - Night Life

851.Leslie Mandoki & Eva Sun - Korea

852.Lian Ross - Fantasy

853.Lian Ross - Its Up To You

854.Lian Ross - One More Chance

855.Lian Ross - Saturday Night

856.Lian Ross - Say, You'll Never

857.Lian Ross - Scratch My Name

858.Lilac - Come Come Come

859.Lili & Sussie - Candy Love

860.Lili & Sussie - Girl With A Broken Heart

861.Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama

862.Lili & Sussie - Okey, Okey!

863.Lili & Sussie - Robert And Marie

864.Lili & Sussie - Tokyo

865.Lili & Sussie - We Were Only Dancing

866.Lime - Guilty

867.Lime - Take It Up

868.Lime - Your Love

869.Lime - You're My Magician

870.Linda Jo Rizzo - Fly Me High

871.Linda Jo Rizzo - Heartflash (Tonight)

872.Linda Jo Rizzo - Ive Got The Night

873.Linda Jo Rizzo - Just One World

874.Linda Jo Rizzo - Perfect Love

875.Linda Jo Rizzo - Youre My First Youre My Last

876.Lipps Inc - Addicted To The Night

877.Lipps Inc - Funkytown

878.Local Boy - Thriller Medley With Owner Of A Lonely Heart

879.Loleatta Holloway - Baby It's You

880.Loleatta Holloway - Dance What'cha Wanna

881.Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation

882.Loleatta Holloway - That's What You Said

883.London Beat - I've Been Thinking About You

884.London Beat - You Bring On The Sun

885.London Boys - Chapel Of Love

886.London Boys - Chiness Radio

887.London Boys - Dance Dance Dance

888.London Boys - El Matinero

889.London Boys - Freedom

890.London Boys - Harlem Desire

891.London Boys - Helpless

892.London Boys - High Fidelity

893.London Boys - I'm Gonna Give My Heart

894.London Boys - London Nights

895.London Boys - Love Train

896.London Boys - Moonraker

897.London Boys - My Love

898.London Boys - My Prayer

899.London Boys - Put A Meaning In My Life

900.London Boys - Requiem

Треклист 901-1000

901.London Boys - Sweet Soul Music

902.London Boys - Talk!Talk!Talk!

903.London Boys - The Midi Dance

904.London Boys - Wichitan Woman

905.Lorella Cuccarini - La Notte Vola

906.Lorraine Mckane - I'll Never Fall In Love Again

907.Lorraine Mckane - Let The Night Take The Blame

908.Lou Sern - Swiss Boy

909.Lovables - It's Beautiful

910.Luca Coveri - Do It Again

911.Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I

912.Mader - Un Pied Devant

913.Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte

914.Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa

915.Magazine 60 - Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol

916.Malcolm And The Bad Girls - Shoot Me

917.Maltese - Mama

918.Mandy - Positive Reaction

919.Mandy - Stay With Me Tonight

920.Martinelli - Orient Express

921.Matia Bazar - Electroshock

922.Mauro - Buona Siera Siniorina

923.Mauro Micheloni And F.M. Band - Looking For Love

924.Max Anderson - The Night (Hey Ho Ho)

925.Max Coveri - Bye Bye Baby

926.Max Coveri - One More Time

927.Max Coveri - One Two Three

928.Max Coveri - Run To The Sun

929.Max Coveri - Toy Boy

930.Max Him - Danger Danger

931.Max Him - Lady Fantasy

932.Max Him - Melanie

933.Max Him - No Escape

934.Maxine D - No Time

935.Maxine Singleton - You Can't Run From My Love

936.McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

937.Meccano - Down Romeo

938.Melba Moore - Pick Me Up, I'll Dance

939.Michael Bedford - More Than a Kiss

940.Michael Bedford - Space Boys

941.Michael Bedford - Tonight

942.Michael Bow - Love And Devotion

943.Michael Fortunati - Into The Night (Slip And Slide)

944.Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine

945.Michael Jackson - Billy Jean

946.Michael Jackson - Blame It On The Boogie

947.Michael Jackson - Burn ThisDisco Out

948.Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

949.Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor

950.Michael Jackson - Off The Wall

951.Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing

952.Michael Jackson - Rock With You

953.Michael Jackson - Thriller

954.Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something

955.Michael Jackson - Working Day And Night

956.Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away

957.Michael Sembello - Maniac

958.Michael Zager Band - Let's All Chant

959.Mike Cannon - Goin' Crazy

960.Mike Freeman - Take Your Time

961.Mike Mareen - Africa

962.Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty

963.Mike Mareen - Don't Talk To The Snake

964.Mike Mareen - Germany

965.Mike Mareen - Here I Am

966.Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy

967.Mike Mareen - Love Spy

968.Mike Mareen - Walking Highway 301

969.Mike Rogers - Happy Moon

970.Mike Rogers - Just A Story

971.Miko Mission - How Old Are You

972.Miko Mission - I Believe

973.Miko Mission - One Step To Heaven

974.Miko Mission - The World Is You

975.Miko Mission - Two For Love

976.Milou - Change Your Mind

977.Milou - Sentimental Lover

978.Miquel Brown - Beeline

979.Miquel Brown - Black Leather

980.Miquel Brown - He's A Saint, He's A Sinner

981.Miquel Brown - One Hundred Percent

982.Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time

983.Miquel Brown - This Time It's Real

984.Mirage - No More No War

985.Miro Miroe - Nights Of Arabia

986.Mistery - Never Fall In Love Again

987.Modern Talking - A Telegram To Your Heart

988.Modern Talking - After Your Love Is Gone

989.Modern Talking - Angie's Heart

990.Modern Talking - Arabian Gold

991.Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)

992.Modern Talking - Bells Of Paris

993.Modern Talking - Brother Louie

994.Modern Talking - Charlene

995.Modern Talking - Cheri Cheril Lady

996.Modern Talking - China In Her Eyes

997.Modern Talking - Cosmic Girl

998.Modern Talking - Diamonds Never Made A Lady

999.Modern Talking - Do You Wanna

1000.Modern Talking - Doctor For My Heart

Треклист 1001-1200

1001.Modern Talking - Don't Give Up

1002.Modern Talking - Don't Let Me Go

1003.Modern Talking - Don't Lose My Number

1004.Modern Talking - Don't Worry

1005.Modern Talking - Fly To The Moon

1006.Modern Talking - Geronimo's Cadillac

1007.Modern Talking - Good Girls Go To Heaven

1008.Modern Talking - Heaven Will Know

1009.Modern Talking - Hey You

1010.Modern Talking - I Can't Give You More

1011.Modern Talking - I'm No Rockefeller

1012.Modern Talking - In 100 Years

1013.Modern Talking - In Shaire

1014.Modern Talking - It Hurts So Good

1015.Modern Talking - It's Christmas

1016.Modern Talking - Jet Airliner

1017.Modern Talking - Just Like An Angel

1018.Modern Talking - Just We Two (Mona Lisa)

1019.Modern Talking - Let's Talk About Love

1020.Modern Talking - Locomotion Tango

1021.Modern Talking - Lonely Tears In Chinatown

1022.Modern Talking - Lucky Guy

1023.Modern Talking - My Lonely Girl

1024.Modern Talking - Only Love Can Break My Heart

1025.Modern Talking - Part Time Lover

1026.Modern Talking - Princess Of The Night

1027.Modern Talking - Ready For The Victory

1028.Modern Talking - Romantic Warriors

1029.Modern Talking - Rouge Et Noir

1030.Modern Talking - Save Me - Don't Break Me

1031.Modern Talking - Sexy, Sexy Lover

1032.Modern Talking - Sweet Little Sheila

1033.Modern Talking - Taxi Girl

1034.Modern Talking - Ten Thousand Lonely Drums

1035.Modern Talking - The Angels Sing In New York City

1036.Modern Talking - Win The Race

1037.Modern Talking - Witchqueen Of Eldorado

1038.Modern Talking - With A Little Love

1039.Modern Talking - You Are Not Alone

1040.Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want

1041.Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul

1042.Molto Carina - One More Night

1043.Molto Carina - Voice Of Night

1044.Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine

1045.Monte Kristo - Sherry Mi Sai

1046.Monte Kristo - The Girl Of Lucifer

1047.Moon Ray - Comanchero

1048.Moonshine - China

1049.Morgana - C'est Cupidon

1050.Morgana - Come Back To Me

1051.Morgana - Ready For Love

1052.Moulin Rouge - Stranger

1053.Mozzart - Devil's Rendezvous

1054.Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl

1055.Mozzart - Malice & Vice

1056.Mozzart - Money

1057.Mr.Zivago - Little Russian

1058.Mr.Zivago - Russian Paradise

1059.Mr.Zivago - Tell By Your Eyes

1060.Mr.Zivago - Welcome To The Edge

1061.Mr.Zivago - Yesterday

1062.Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

1063.Music Fever - Bombers

1064.Musique - In The Bush

1065.Musique - Keep On Jumpin

1066.Mylene Farmer - Agnus Dei

1067.Mylene Farmer - California

1068.Mylene Farmer - Desenchantee

1069.Mylene Farmer - Je T'aime Melancolie

1070.Mylene Farmer - Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces

1071.Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer

1072.Neoton Familia - Don Quijote

1073.Neoton Familia - Fire

1074.Neoton Familia - I Love You

1075.Neoton Familia - Marathon

1076.Neoton Familia - Robinson

1077.Neoton Familia - Santa Maria

1078.New Baccara - Call Me Up

1079.New Baccara - Fantasy Boy

1080.New Baccara - Talisman

1081.New Baccara - Touch Me

1082.New Romantique - Shy Like An Angel

1083.Nico Band - Let It Show

1084.Night Society - Hold Me Tight Tonight

1085.Nightlife Unlimited - Dance With Me

1086.Nightlife Unlimited -Disco Choo Choo

1087.Nightlife Unlimited - Do Me Tonight

1088.Nightlife Unlimited - Got To Keep On Movin

1089.Nightlife Unlimited - If I Give You More

1090.Nightlife Unlimited - Just Be Yourself

1091.Nightlife Unlimited - Let's Do It Again

1092.Nightlife Unlimited - Peaches & Prunes

1093.Noe Willer - Toi, Femme

1094.Norma Lewis - Give Me Back My Heart

1095.Numero Uno - Just Like Marco Polo

1096.Numero Uno - Madonna

1097.Numero Uno - Tora Tora Tora

1098.O.K. - O'Kay

1099.Off Limits - No Soul

1100.OMD - Pandora's Box

1101.One System - Life Is Very Short

1102.Orlando Riva Sound - Body To Body Boogie

1103.Ottawan - Crazy Music

1104.Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O.

1105.Ottawan - Hands Up

1106.Ottawan - Shalala Song

1107.Ottawan - Tant Que Durera La Nuit

1108.Ottawan - You're OK

1109.P.Fernandez - Born Be Alive

1110.P.Lion - Dream

1111.P.Lion - Happy Children

1112.P.Lion - Kings Of The Night

1113.P4F - Love War

1114.Pam'n'Pat - It's All Music

1115.Pam'n'Pat - To Be Superman

1116.Panther Rex - Goodbye My Love

1117.Passengers - Casino

1118.Patrick Cowley - Invasion

1119.Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

1120.Patrick Cowley - Tech No Logical World

1121.Patrick Juvet - French Pillow Talk

1122.Patrick Juvet - Lady Night

1123.Patrick Juvet - Ou Sont les Femmes

1124.Patrick Juvet - Swiss Kiss

1125.Patty Devick - Heart To Heart

1126.Patty Ryan - Don't Tell Me Lies

1127.Patty Ryan - I Don't Want To Lose You Tonight

1128.Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game

1129.Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight

1130.Patty Ryan - You're My Love, You're My Life

1131.Paul McDouglas - Turbo Geil

1132.Paul Parker - Desire

1133.Paul Parker - Don't Play With Fire

1134.Paul Parker - Lift off

1135.Paul Parker - Nighthawk

1136.Paul Parker - Right On Target

1137.Paul Parker - Running Around In Circles

1138.Paul Parker - Shot In The Night

1139.Penny McLean -Disco Dandy

1140.Penny McLean - Lady Bump

1141.Penny McLean - Mambo Mama

1142.Penny McLean - Midnight Explosion

1143.Pet Shop Boys - Go West

1144.Pet Shop Boys - Heart

1145.Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin

1146.Pet Shop Boys - One More Chance

1147.Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro '95

1148.Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia

1149.Pet Shop Boys - Tonight Is Forever

1150.Pet Shop Boys - Was It Worth It

1151.Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

1152.Peter And The Wolf - Peter And The Wolf

1153.Peter Jacques Band - Walking On Music

1154.Peter Schilling - The Different Story

1155.Phil & Stan - I Need Your Love Tonight

1156.Phil & Stan - Love You Tonight

1157.Phil & Stan - Play The Game

1158.Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise

1159.Pino D'angio - Ma Quale Idea

1160.Plastic Mode - Mi Amor

1161.Power & Passion - Master Of Voosel

1162.Power & Passion - Women Run The World

1163.Precious Wilson - On The Race Track

1164.Premio Nobel - Baby Doll

1165.Primadonna - Angel You

1166.Primadonna - Flashing On The Floor

1167.Prime Time - I Cant Get Enough

1168.Psychic Interface - Tribal Stomp

1169.Public Passion - Flash In The Night

1170.Pupo - Gellato Chocolato

1171.Pupo - Le Devo Solo A Te

1172.Pupo - Primavera

1173.Pupo - Su Di Noi

1174.Purple Flash - We Can Make It

1175.Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida

1176.R Bias - Dial My Number

1177.Radiorama - ABCD

1178.Radiorama - Aliens

1179.Radiorama - Chance To Desire

1180.Radiorama - Desire

1181.Radiorama - Fire

1182.Radiorama - Heartbreaker

1183.Radiorama - Hey Hey

1184.Radiorama - Manitu

1185.Radiorama - Vampires

1186.Radiorama - Yeti

1187.Raf - Self Control

1188.Raf Coney - She's Mine

1189.Raffali - Don't Stop

1190.Raw Silk - Do It to the Music

1191.Ray - I'm Not A Dreamer

1192.Ray Parker Junior - Ghostbusters

1193.Rex Abe - I Can Feel It

1194.Ric Fellini - Souvenir D' Amour

1195.Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini

1196.Riccardo Campa - Desperado

1197.Ricchi e Poveri - Acapulco

1198.Ricchi e Poveri - Dimmi Quando

1199.Ricchi e Poveri - Gloria

1200.Ricchi e Poveri - Hasta La Vista

Треклист 1201-1400

1201.Ricchi e Poveri - Jungle Beat

1202.Ricchi e Poveri - Made In Italy

1203.Ricchi e Poveri - Mamma Maria

1204.Ricchi e Poveri - Sara Perche Ti' Amo

1205.Ricchi e Poveri - Somebody To Love

1206.Ricchi e Poveri - Voulez-Vous Danser

1207.Rick Astley - Dont Say Goodbye

1208.Rick Astley - Lets Go Out Tonight

1209.Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

1210.Rick Astley - Sleeping

1211.Rick Astley - Together Forever

1212.Rick Astley - Wanna Believe You

1213.Righeira - No Tengo Dinero

1214.Righeira - Vamos A La Playa

1215.Riky Maltese - Rainy Day

1216.Riky Maltese - Warrior

1217.Risen From The Rank - Aids

1218.Ritchie Family - The BestDisco In Town

1219.Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do

1220.Robert Camero - Love Games

1221.Roberta Kelly - Tell Me

1222.Roberta Kelly - Trouble Maker

1223.Rockets - Future Game

1224.Rocky M -Disco Lady

1225.Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland

1226.Rocky M - Looking My Heart

1227.Rofo - Beach Love

1228.Rofo - I Want You

1229.Roger Meno - Don't Go Away

1230.Roger Meno - I Find The Way

1231.Roger Meno - What My Heart Wanna Say

1232.Roni Griffith - Desire

1233.Roni Griffith - Love Is The Drug

1234.Rose - Fairy Tale

1235.Rose - Magic Carillion

1236.Rosebud - Have A Cigar

1237.Ross - Coming Up

1238.Round One - In Zaire

1239.Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars

1240.Roxanne - Charline

1241.Roxanne - Give A Little Love

1242.Roxanne - Show Me

1243.Rudy Co - Mama Radio

1244.Rudy Co - Play The Game

1245.Ryan Paris - Besoin D'Amour

1246.Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita

1247.Sabrina - All Of Me

1248.Sabrina - Boys

1249.Sabrina - Gringo

1250.Sabrina - Kiss Me

1251.Sabrina - Like A Yo-Yo

1252.Sabrina - My Chico

1253.Sabrina - Rockawillie

1254.Sabrina - Sexy Girl

1255.Sabrina - Vola

1256.Sally Oldfield - Silver Digger

1257.Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You

1258.Samantha Fox - I Surrender

1259.Samantha Fox - Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now

1260.Samantha Fox - Santa Maria

1261.Samantha Fox - Touch Me

1262.Samantha Guilles - Let Me Feel It

1263.Sandra - Andy Mein Friend

1264.Sandra - Around My Heart

1265.Sandra - Everlasting Love

1266.Sandra - Heaven Can Wait

1267.Sandra - Hi Hi Hi

1268.Sandra - I ll Never Be Maria Magdalena

1269.Sandra - In The Heat Of The Night

1270.Sandra - Innocent Love

1271.Sandra - Little Girl

1272.Sandra - On The Tray Seven Years

1273.Sandra - Secret Land

1274.Sandra - Stop For A Minute

1275.Sandra - We'll Be Together

1276.Sandra - You'll Be Mine

1277.Sandra Robinson - Music And Motion

1278.Sandy Marton - Camel By Camel

1279.Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza

1280.Sandy Wilson - Gimme Your Love

1281.Saphir - I Am Alive

1282.Saphir - Little Rock

1283.Saphir - Shot In The Night

1284.Saphir - Storms Of Love

1285.Saphir - The Witch-Queen Of New-Orleans

1286.Saragossa Band - Agadou

1287.Saragossa Band - Buono Sierra

1288.Saragossa Band - Ginger Red

1289.Saragossa Band - Have A Good Time

1290.Saragossa Band - Zabadak

1291.Savage - A Love Again

1292.Savage - Capsicum

1293.Savage - Celebrate

1294.Savage - Computerized Love

1295.Savage - Don't Cry Tonight

1296.Savage - Dont Leave Me

1297.Savage - Don't You Want Me

1298.Savage - Goodbye

1299.Savage - I Just Died In Your Arms

1300.Savage - Only You

1301.Savage - Radio

1302.Savage - Star

1303.Savage - Strangelove

1304.Savage - To Miami

1305.Savage - Twothousandnine

1306.Scala - The Perfume of Love

1307.Scotch - Delirio Mind

1308.Scotch -Disco Band

1309.Scotch - Loving is Easy

1310.Scotch - Mirage

1311.Scotch - Penguin Invasion

1312.Scotch - Pictures

1313.Scotch - Take Me Up

1314.Secret Service - Aux Deux Magots

1315.Secret Service - Broken Hearts

1316.Secret Service - Different

1317.Secret Service - Do It

1318.Secret Service - Dont You Know Dont You Know

1319.Secret Service - Flash In The Night

1320.Secret Service - How I Want You

1321.Secret Service - If I Try

1322.Secret Service - L.A. Goodbye

1323.Secret Service - Night Cafe

1324.Secret Service - Night City

1325.Secret Service - Oh Susie

1326.Secret Service - Ten O'Clock Postman

1327.Secret Service - When The Dancer You Have Loved Walks Out The Door

1328.Secret Service - When The Night Closes In

1329.Secret Service - Ye Si Ca

1330.Secret Star - I Need A Man

1331.Sheree - Ronnie Talk To Russia!

1332.Shipra - Blinded By The Light

1333.Shy Rose - You Are My Desire

1334.Siberian Heat - Angels Heart

1335.Siberian Heat - Sorry

1336.Sign System - Stay With Me

1337.Silent Circle - Anywhere Tonight

1338.Silent Circle - Danger Danger

1339.Silent Circle - Every Move, Every Touch

1340.Silent Circle - Hide Away - Man Is Comin'!

1341.Silent Circle - Love Is Just A Word

1342.Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair

1343.Silent Circle - Night Train

1344.Silent Circle - Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight

1345.Silent Circle - Save Me

1346.Silent Circle - Sib Dub Dua

1347.Silent Circle - Stop The Rain In The Night

1348.Silent Circle - Touch In The Night

1349.Silent Circle - What A Shame

1350.Silicon Dream - Albert Einstein

1351.Silicon Dream - Andromeda

1352.Silicon Dream - Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn

1353.Silicon Dream - Marchello The Masroianni

1354.Silver Convention - Fly, Robin, Fly

1355.Silver Convention - Get Up And Boogie

1356.Silver Convention - Lady Bump

1357.Silver Convention - Save Me

1358.Silver Pozzoli - Chica Boom

1359.Silver Pozzoli - pretty_baby

1360.Simon - Extazi

1361.Sinery - Don't You Ever Run Away

1362.Sinery - Dont You Know

1363.Sinitta - Cross My Broken Heart

1364.Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love

1365.Sister Sledge - Hes The Greatest Dancer

1366.Sister Sledge - We Are Family

1367.Solid Strangers - Gimme The Light

1368.Solid Strangers - Music In The Night

1369.Solid Strangers - My Delight

1370.Solid Strangers - Vision (Of The Night)

1371.Sophie - Broken Tale

1372.Space - Air Force

1373.Space - Just Blue

1374.Space - Running In The City

1375.Space - Symphony

1376.Space - Tango In Space

1377.Spagna - Call Me

1378.Spagna - Easy Lady

1379.Spagna - Every Girl And Boy

1380.Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife

1381.Spargo - Good Time Spirit

1382.Spargo - I Found The Sister Of Ali Baba

1383.Spargo - Take A Break

1384.Sphinx - When I'm In Love

1385.Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion

1386.Squash Gang - Moving Your Hips

1387.Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts

1388.Stacy Lattisaw - Jump To The Beat

1389.Stage - Ocean Of Crime

1390.Stage - Voodoo Dance

1391.Stars On 45 - Stars On 45

1392.Stephanie - One Love To Give

1393.Steve Clack - No More Love

1394.Steve Eden & Paul James - Memories Emotion

1395.Steve Grant - Conviction

1396.Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra

1397.Stone - Time

1398.Style - It's A Secret

1399.Styloo - Pretty Face

1400.Super Love - I Wanna Stop

Треклист 1401-1530

1401.Susan Stevens - Boogie Walk

1402.Susan Stevens - Get To You

1403.Susan Stevens - I've Done It

1404.Susan Stevens - Love School

1405.Susan Stevens - This Is Love

1406.Suzy Q - Can't Live

1407.Swan - Don't Talk About It

1408.Sweet Connection - Dirty Job

1409.Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion

1410.SweetNSour - Your Heart Beat

1411.Sylvester - Dance

1412.Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk

1413.Sylvester - Don't Stop

1414.Sylvester - Lovin Is Really My Game

1415.Sylvester - You Make Me Feel

1416.Syntech - Soundly Computed

1417.T Ark - Under Cover Lover

1418.T.Ark - Carry Me

1419.T.Ark - Count On Me

1420.T.Ark - How Old Are You

1421.Taffy - I Love My Radio

1422.Talkin' Fog - Wait Baby Wait

1423.Tapps - My Forbidden Lover

1424.Tasha - You Only You

1425.Teach-In - Ding A Dong

1426.Thai Break - Flowers In The Rain

1427.The Cars - Hello Again

1428.The Flirts - Calling All Boys

1429.The Flirts - Dancing Madly Backwards

1430.The Flirts - Danger

1431.The Flirts - Helpless

1432.The Flirts - Just Another kiss

1433.The Flirts - Love Reaction

1434.The Flirts - Passion

1435.The Flirts - Physical Attraction

1436.The Flirts - Temptation

1437.The Flirts - This Time

1438.The Flirts - Time Is Right

1439.The Flirts - Voulez Vous

1440.The Gibson Brothers - Better Do It Salsa

1441.The Gibson Brothers - Cuba

1442.The Gibson Brothers - Que Sera

1443.The Hurricanes - Only One Nights

1444.The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead

1445.The Ring - Savage Lover

1446.The Spinners - Working My Way Back To You Babe

1447.The Trammps - Dance Contest

1448.The Trammps -Disco Inferno

1449.The Trammps - Hard Rock AndDisco

1450.The Trammps - I'm So Glad You Came Along

1451.The Trammps - Just Say The Word

1452.The Trammps - Love Epidemic

1453.The Trammps - Love Insurance Policy

1454.The Trammps - Love Magnet

1455.The Trammps - Love Per Hour

1456.The Trammps - My Love, It's Never Been Better

1457.The Trammps - Oh Waa Hey

1458.The Trammps - Save A Place

1459.The Trammps - Soul Searchin Time

1460.The Trammps - Stop And Think

1461.The Trammps - Teaser

1462.The Trammps - That's Where The Happy People Go

1463.The Trammps - The Whole World's Dancing

1464.The Trammps - TrammpsDisco Theme

1465.The Trammps - You Can Make It

1466.Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

1467.Theo Vaness - As Long As It's Love

1468.Theo Vaness - I'm A Bad Bad Boy

1469.Theo Vaness - Love Me Now

1470.Theo Vaness - Sentimentally It's You

1471.Theo Vaness - Star Fever

1472.Thomas Anders - Down On Sunset

1473.Thomas Anders - Es Geht Mir Gut Heut Nacht

1474.Thomas Anders - Ibiza Baba Baya

1475.Thomas Anders - Independent Girl

1476.Thomas Anders - King Of Love

1477.Thomas Anders - Make you

1478.Thomas Anders - Music, Dance

1479.Thomas Anders - One More Chance

1480.Thomas Anders - Soldier

1481.Thomas Anders - Why Do You Cry

1482.Thomas Schubert - Take A Chance

1483.Time - Love Is The Reason

1484.Time - Shaker Shake

1485.Tom Cat - Black Jack

1486.Tom Jackson - Hold On

1487.Tom Spencer - Fashion

1488.Tommy - One Night

1489.Tommy Kerisch - Speedy Life

1490.Tony Esposito - Kalimba De Luna

1491.Tony Van Duyne - Be A Star

1492.Tony Van Duyne - Cosmic Dancer

1493.Tony Van Duyne - Venus And Mars

1494.Topo & Roby - Under The Ice

1495.Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle

1496.Total Toly - Oriental Acupuncture

1497.Tracy Spencer - I Feel For You

1498.Tracy Spencer - Run To Me

1499.Trans-X - Message On The Radio

1500.Trans-X - Living On Video

1501.Trillion - Belgian Girl

1502.Triple G - Nervous

1503.Troll - Jimmy Dean

1504.Two Girls - Another Boy In Town

1505.U.K. - Roadrunner

1506.Valerie Dore - King Arthur

1507.Valerie Dore - Lancelot

1508.Valerie Dore - The Night

1509.Valerie Dore - Get Closer

1510.Vanessa - Be My Lady

1511.Vanessa - Diamond Eyes

1512.Vanessa - Eternity

1513.Vanessa - Just A Game

1514.Vanessa - Why Did You Say Sorry

1515.Venus - Hot Sun On Video

1516.Video Kids - Do The Rap

1517.Video Kids - La Bamba

1518.Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space

1519.Vikki Benson - Easy Love

1520.Village People - Can't Stop The Music

1521.Village People - In The Navy

1522.Village People - Macho Man

1523.Village People - YMCA

1524.Voyage - I Love You Dancer

1525.Who's Who - Palace Palace

1526.Who's Who - Roll Jacky Roll

1527.Wish Key - Orient Express

1528.Yazoo - Situation

1529.Yoh - Yo - The Main Attraction

1530.Yvonne Koomen - Last Night


Скачать сборник музыки Зарубежное диско 80 х Disco 80s Зарубежное в mp3 2017 через торрент клиент Zona и слушать песни онлайн бесплатно

  • 1

    Eddy Huntington-Physical attraction (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 2

    Danny Keith-Keep on music (Original Version)

  • 3

    Moon Ray-Comanchero (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 4

    Grace-Not over yet (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 5

    Grant Miller-Doctor for my heart (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 6

    Hugh Bullen-Night girl (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 7

    Fun Fun-Happy station (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 8

    Joe Yellow-I'm your lover (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 9

    Elvine-You set my heart on fire (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 10

    Real Life-Send me an angel

  • 11

    Visage-Fade to grey (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 12

    Bad Boys Blue-A world without you michelle

  • 13


  • 14

    Laura Branigan-Self control

  • 15

    Silent Circle-Stop the rain (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 16

    Stage-Woodoo dance (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 17

    Boney M.-10.000 Lightyears (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 18

    Kim Wild-You keep me hangin`on

  • 19

    K.B.Caps-Do you really need me (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 20

    Scotch-Delirio mind

  • 21

    Paris France Transit-Voices of Jupiter (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 22

    Fancy-After midnight

  • 23

    The Max Him-Lady fantasy (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 24

    Alphatown-Hey robin (Extended)

  • 25

    Sandra-In the heat of the night (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 26

    Ryan Simmons-Lucky guy

  • 27

    Atahualpa-Ultimo imperio (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 28

    Vocal Control-Cheri, Cheri Lady (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 29

    Shipra-Blinded by the light (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 30

    Patty Ryan-Stay with me tonight

  • 31

    Baby's Gang-Happy song (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 32

    Herbie Hancock-Rock it (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 33

    Digital Emotion-Go go yellow screen (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 34

    Newton Family-Family superman (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 35

    Yello-Si senor the hairy grill (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 36

    The Nasty Boys-I was made for lovin' you

  • 37

    T. Ark-Count on me (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 38

    Mike Mareen-Don't talk to the snake (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 39

    Squash Gang-I want An Illusion (Vocal) (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 40

    Ken Laszlo- (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 41

    Pet Shop Boys-Always on my mind (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 42

    Jeff Wayne-The eve of the war (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 43

    Baltimora-Tarzan boy (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 44

    Mirko Hirsch-Analog dream (Extended Version) (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 45

    Roger Meno-What my heart wanna say (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 46

    Miko Mission-How old are you

  • 47

    Bronski Beat-Smalltown boy (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 48

    Alphaville-Sounds like a melody (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 49

    Flirts-Helpless (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 50

    Ingela-Do the motion (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 51

    Bad Boys Blue-A train to nowhere

  • 52

    The Hurricanes-Only one night (Extended) (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 53

    Sandy Marton-Love synchronity

  • 54

    Stacey Q-Two of hearts (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 55

    Baby's Gang-Challenger (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 56

    Fancy-Flames of love (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 57

    Bolero-I wish (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 58

    Mr. Zivago-Little Russian (Vocal Version)

  • 59

    Sparks-All you ever think about is sex (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 60

    Joe Yellow-Love at first (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 61

    Desireless-Voyage voyage (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 62

    Lee Marrow-Sayonara

  • 63

    Miko Mission-Two for love (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 64

    Interface-Plastic age

  • 65

    Cliff Turner-Moonlight affair (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 66

    Steve Burbon Project & Mirko Hirsch-The vibe (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 67

    Laserdance-Powerrun (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 68

    Camouflage-Love is a shield

  • 69

    Yello-Desire (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 70

    Albert One-Secrets (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 71

    Coccobello-Cocco bello (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 72

    New Order-True faith

  • 73

    Body Heat-Dancing in the moonlight (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 74

    Del Faro-Bandiera (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 75

    Go East-Deep in my heart (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 76

    Scotch-Money runner (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 77

    Brand Image-Love in the summer night (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 78

    Rewind-Rosalie (Pop & Go!)

  • 79

    Stage-Can't get you out of my mind (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 80

    The Flirts-Passion

  • 81

    Patty Ryan-You're my love, you're my life (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 82

    Foxbox-To the beach (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 83

    Peter Schilling-The different story (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 84

    O.K.-Okay (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 85

    Saphir-Shot in the night (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 86

    Blue System-Gangster love (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 87

    Hivoh-To be together (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 88


  • 89

    Midnight Passion-I need your love (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 90

    Atrium-Hey tonight (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 91

    Gina T-Tokyo by night

  • 92

    Riky Maltese-Warrior (Disco 80 Зарубежное)

  • 93

    Digital Emotion-Get up, action

  • 94

    Secret Service-Flash in the night (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 95

    Valerie Dore-Get closer (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 96

    Silent Circle-Oh, don't lose your heart tonight (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

  • 97

    Mike Mareen-Love spy (Disco '80s Зарубежное)

  • 98

    C.C.Catch-I can lose my heart tonight

  • 99

    Radiorama-Desire (Зарубежное диско 80-х)

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    - 80- (2014) mp3 - TOPtorrent




    - 80- (2014) MP3


    : 80-: : 2014: Pop, Dance



    01. Modern Talking - Cheri, Cheri Lady02. Boney M - Sunny03. Dschinghis Khan - Moscau04. Savage - Goodbye05. Key West - Sorry, Sorry, Sorry06. Smokie - I'll Need You At Midnight07. Afric Simone - Hafanana08. Baccara - Yes Sir I Can Boogie09. Adriano Celentano - Susanna10. Desireless - Voyage,Voyage11. Eruption - One Way Ticket12. F.R. David - World13. Joy - Touch Bu Touch24. Kaoma - Lambada15. Ottawan - Hands Up16. Tony Esposito - Kalimba De Luna17. Sabrina - Boys18. A La Carte - Loop Di Love19. Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman20. Christie - Yellow River21. Fancy - Flames Of Love22. Ken Laszlo - 1,2,3,4,5,6,723. Patty Ryan - You My Love,You My Life24. Secret Servise - Ten O'clock Postman25. Teach-In - Ding A Dong26. 3C - Ginger Red27. Abba - Dancing Queen28. Berlin - Take My Breath Away29. El Pasador - Amada Mia, More Mia30. London Bits - I'm Gonna Give My Heart31. Silent Circle - Touch In The Night32. Al Bano & Romina Power - Felicita33. Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big34. C.C.Catch - Jump In My Car35. Gilla - Jonny36. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra37. Arabesque - Midnight Dancer38. Cerrone - Supernature39. Pupo - Gelato Al Cioccolato40. Alphaville - Big In Japan41. Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive42. Digital Emotion - Get Up43. A La Carte - Ring Me,Honey44. Baccara - Cara Mia45. Adriano Celentano - Amore No46. Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl47. Caeser - My Black Lady48. Boney M - Ma Baker49. Arabesque - In For A Penny, In For A Pound50. Chris Norman - Midnight Lady51. Demis Roussos - From Souvenirs To Souvenirs52. Cherry Laine - Catch The Cat53. Eddy Huntington - Ussr54. F.R. David - Girl55. George Michael - Last Christmas56. Gloria Gainor - I Will Survive57. Jessica Jay - Casablanca58. Kim Wilde - Cambodja59. Les Mc'keown - She's A Lady60. London Boys - Requiem61. Matia Bazar - Solo Tu62. Opus - Live Is Life63. Modern Talking - Brother Louie64. Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game65. Raffaella Carra - A Far L'Amore66. Sabrina - My Chico67. Ricchi E Poveri - Voulez Vous Danser68. Sandra - Stop For A Minute69. Tako - Puttin' On The Ritz70. Smokie - Living Next Door To Alice71. Vaya Con Dios - Nah,Nah,Nah72. Village People - Y.M.C.A73. Abba - Happy New Year74. Baby's Gang - Challenger75. C.C.Catch - Backseat Of Your Cadillac76. Danuta - Touch My Heart77. Europe - The Final Count Down78. Gipsy Kings - Escucha Me79. Laserdance - Humanoid Invasion80. Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow81. Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O82. Modern Talking - You`re My Heart, You`re My Sou83. Rick Astley - Together Forever84. Secret Service - LA Goodbye85. Boney M - Daddy Cool86. Alphaville - A Victory Of Love87. Lian Ross - Say You'll Never88. Smokie - Have You Ever Seen The Rain89. Umberto Tozzi - Ciao Siciliano90. Adriano Celentano - Stivali E Colbacco91. Bananarama - Robert De Niro's Waiting92. Camouflage - Love Is A Shield93. Gazebo - I Like Chopin94. Paul Mauriat - Love Is Blue95. Silent Circle - Give Me Time96. Teach-In - Dear John97. Space - Just Blue98. Love Covpany - Love Love Love99. Eddy Huntington - Physical Attraction100. Blue System - Madonna Blue101. Arabesque - Caballero102. VideoKids - Woodpeckers From Space103. Savage - Only You104. Boy George - Generations Of Love105. Scotch - Disco Band106. Joe Dassin - Le Cafe Des 3 Colombes107. Chris Norman - Hunters Of The Night108. Bad Boys Blue - A World Without You109. C.C.Catch - Heaven And Hell110. Abba - The Winner Takes It All111. Baccara - Sorry, I'm A Lady112. Chilly - Simple A Love Song113. Dschinghis Khan - Samurai114. Fancy - Slice Me Nice115. Julio Iglesias - Mammy Blue116. Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss117. Pam N'pat - It's All Music118. Scorpions - Wind Of Change119. The Hurricanes - Only One Night120. Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky121. Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love122. Danny Keith - Keep On Music123. Laura Branigan - Self Control124. Mireille Mathieu - Chiao Bambino Sorry125. Righeira - Vamos A La Playa126. Secret Service - Night City127. Videokids - I'm A Rock'n'rollpecker128. Space - Running In The City129. Arabesque - Rock Me After Midnight130. Blue System - Love Me On The Rocks131. Eurithmics - Sweet Dreams132. Jason Donovan - Nothing Can Divide Us133. Bad Boys Blue - Gimme, Gimme Your Lovin'134. Magdaleine - You Can Do135. Bouzouki Disco Band - Disco Bouzouki136. Murray Head - One Night In Bangcock137. Sandra - Mirrored In Your Eyes138. Modern Talking - In 100 Years139. Gloria Gaynor - Talk,Talk,Talk140. C.C.Catch - You Can't Run Away From It141. Boney M - Bahama Mama142. London Beat - I`ve Been Thinking About You143. Pierre Groscolas - Lady Lay144. Rose - Magic Carillon145. Silent Circle - Moonlight Affair146. Abba - A Man After Midnight147. Bad Boys Blue - Show Me The Way148. C.C.Catch - Midnight Gambler149. Boney M - Happy Song150. Art Company - Suzana151. Chris Norman & Suzi Quatro - Stumblin`in152. Fancy - Bolero153. Joy - Valerie154. Les Mc Keown - Love Is Just A Breath Away155. Maywood - Pasadena156. New Baccara - Fantasy Boy157. Raffaella Carra - Che Dolor158. Sabrina - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy159. The Monotones - Disco Net-Wodka Da160. Status Quo - In The Army Now161. Adriano Celentano - Soli162. Black Blood - A.I.E.163. Cerrone - Give Me Love164. Bobby Orlando - Take A Chance165. Christie - Iron Horse166. K.B.Caps - Do You Really Need Me167. Gilla - Tom Cat168. Mauro - Buona Siera Siniorina169. Los Lobos - La Bamba170. Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine171. Saphir - Storm Of Love172. Paul Mauriat - Godfather173. Scotch - Delirio Mind174. Blue System - Romeo & Juliet (extended versi175. Cherry Laine - Mamy Blue176. Five Letters - Crazy Man177. Michael Jackson - Thriller178. Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind179. Savage - Dont Cry Tonight180. Baltimora - Tarzanboy181. C.C.Catch - Strangers By Night182. El Pasador - Bamba Dabam183. Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty184. Roger Meno - That My Heart Wanna Say185. Space - Magic Fly186. Alphaville - Dance With Me187. Bronski Beat - Small Town Boy188. Goombay Dance Band - Marrakesh289. Ottawan - You're OK190. Silent Circle - Like An Ocean191. Stars On 45 - Stars On 45192. Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night193. Chris De Burgh - Moonlight & Vodka194. Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae195. Dschinghis Khan - Rocking Son196. London Boys - My Love197. Modern Talking - Geronimo's Cadillac198. Ricchi E Poveri - Piccolo Amore199. Secret Service - Flash In The Night200. Boney M - Rasputin


    : 13:12:31/: MP3 : 128 kbps



    Дискотека 80-х. Лучшее (2014) MP3 скачать торрент

    Название: Дискотека 80-х. Лучшее (2014) 

    Исполнитель: VA

    Год: 2014

    Жанр: Disco

    Продолжительность: 07.54.56

    Формат/Кодек: MP3

    Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps


    001.Michael Cretu – Samurai

    002.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl

    003.Savage - Twothousandnine

    004.Fantastique - Mama Told Me

    005.Cliff Turner – I Need You Love

    006.Modern Talking - Operator Gimme 609

    007.Kylie Minogue – The Loco-Motion

    008.Angie Van Burg – Lady In White

    009.The Flirts - Too Hot To Handle

    010.David Lyme - Playboy

    011.Dschinghis Khan - Pistolero

    012.Baby's Gang - Challenger

    013.Okay & Valerie Vannobel - 1 2 3 4 Une Grande Affaire Dance Vision

    014.Eruption - Leave A Light

    015.C.C.Catch - Backseat Of Your Cadillac

    016.Michael Jackson - Beat It

    017.Divine - You Think You Are A Man

    018.Alex Chroma Band – A New Day

    019.Nadia Dorine – Help Is On It's Way

    020.Modern Talking - Do You Wanna

    021.J.D. Jaber – Don't Wake Me Up

    022.Boys Next Door - Lady Of The Night

    023.Grant Miller - Red For Love

    024.Sandra – You And I

    025.Atrium - Week-End

    026.Stephanie – Young Ones Everywhere

    027.Paula Evans – Ciao

    028.Boney M - Silly Confusion

    029.Ocean Wings – Loving In The Snow

    030.Shalamar – There It Is (Honom Edit)

    031.Gina T - Sayorana

    032.Bad Boys Blue - Chains Of Love

    033.London Boys - Requiem

    034.Rick Astley - Take Me To Your Heart

    035.Blue System - Praying To The Aliens

    036.Tom Jackson - Hold On

    037.Den Harrow - Dangerous

    038.Dschinghis Khan - Kontiki

    039.Arabesque - Stop Crying For The Moon

    040.Matt De Bono – Love Is A Danger

    041.Gloria Gaynor - Gotta Be Forever

    042.Boney M - Kalimba De Luna

    043.Mylene Farmer – Sans Contrefacon

    044.Stars on 45 – Medley Star Wars And Other Hits

    045.London Boys - Helpless

    046.Alphaville - Big In Japan

    047.Ricchi e Poveri - Hasta La Vista

    048.Silent Circle - Touch In The Night

    049.Black Denim - You Are The One

    050.Modern Talking - Heaven Will Know

    051.Fred Ventura - Late Night Train

    052.C.C.Catch - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight

    053.Numero Uno – Tora Tora Tora (Extended Version)

    054.Ganymed - Robot Love

    055.Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

    056.Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man

    057.Mr.Zivago - Little Russian

    058.Body Heat – No! Mr. Boom Bomm

    059.Neoton Familia - Fire

    060.Peter Schilling – Terra Titanic

    061.Gazebo - For Anita

    062.Albert One - For Your Love

    063.Ken Wilbard – Sing, Sing A Song

    064.Fancy - Flames Of Love

    065.Samantha Gilles – S.T.O.P

    066.Den Harrow - Feedback

    067.Total Toly – Oriental Acupuncture

    068.Fake - Donna Rouge

    069.Ventura – Another Time

    070.Arabesque - Zanzibar

    071.Patty Ryan – Chinese Eyes

    072.Dschinghis Khan – Tut Ench Amun

    073.Samanta Fox - Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now

    074.Bobby Farell (ex-Boney M) – I See You

    075.Eddy Huntington - Up And Down

    076.Men At Work – Down Under

    077.Bad Boys Blue - Charlene

    078.Paul Sharada – Keep Your Love Alive

    079.Goombay Dance Band - Marakkesh

    080.C.C.Catch - Are You Man Enough

    081.Giorgio Moroder – I Wanna Funk With You Tonite

    082.Amanda Lear - Fashion Pack

    083.The Flirts - Take A Chance On Me

    084.Max Him - Lady Fantasy

    085.Chriss – With A Boy Like You

    086.Joy – Gimme Gimme All Of You

    087.Fancy - After Midnight

    088.Bananarama - I Want You Back

    089.Scotch - Disco Band

    090.Radiorama - Chance To Desire

    091.Digital Emotion - Outside In The Dark

    092.Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte (No Estan Aqui)

    093.Aventura – Di Mi Quando

    094.Joe Yellow - Recollection

    095.Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big

    096.Monte Kristo – Money For Your Love

    097.Dance Department – Paradise

    098.Secret Service - Night City

    099.Abba - Summer Night City

    100.Curacao - Yiasou


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